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Latest Winners


- Daniel P. from W.Barnstable

December 2019

- Michelle L

November 2019

- Daniel F of Worcester

October 2019

- Jimmy W. of Buzzards Bay

September 2019

- Carl O' of Fairhaven


- T Huntington

JULY 2019

- Jennifer G

June 2019

- Vickie D.

Congratulations! Toy Story 4 or will it be The Lion King?

MAY 2019

- Roy F

April 2019

- Tami S

MARCH 2019

- Andrea A

Congratulations Andrea! Hoping to see you soon!


- Gordon Z.


January 2019

- M Banner

Brrrr.… Congratulation!

December 2018

- A Curley


November 2018

- Samantha H


October 2018

- Mark D.

September 2018

- Christine B.

August 2018

- Michael D.

“Shoulder Season” is here! (Where’d that expression come from anyway?) Congratulations for scoring a fantastic evening out. Dinner and a Movie is a great way to spend a Fall night. Come on in!

JULY 2018

- Colton L.

Don’t let the SUMMER slip through your fingers without coming to Sam’s for a great meal on the Patio. Save your Movie Tickets for a lazy rainy day… :) Congratulations!!!

JUNE 2018

- J.Kuzdzal

Summertime, summertime, sum, sum, summertime ! Don’t waste a minute of this beautiful weather. Come out to Sam’s and sip your favorite beverage on our sunny patio. If you come at night, bring a sweater! Congratulation to our latest Win a Dinner and a Movie recipient.

MAY 2018

- M. White

Happy day! The PATIO is all prettied up for the season and awaits your arrival to enjoy a Dinner and a Movie. Congratulations!

MARCH 2018

- Emma S.

OOOO… not fair! where is spring? It’s Coming! And so are you… to Sam Diego’s for a dinner and then to the movies!

APRIL 2018

- L. Santos

Be one of our first hardy customers to brave a meal on our patio and then head to the theater for an evening out on the town.

February 2018

- Sue Ellen T

Warmest February on record! Not quite ready for the Patio to open BUT we’re here to make your Dinner and a Movie night THE BEST EVER! Congratulations!


- K. Everson


- R. Freeman

November 2017

- Burridge, D

Ah come on… we bet you still have left-overs in the fridge from Thanksgiving! Throw ‘em out and bring your pal to Sam Diego’s for a great nite out. Congratulations on being our most recent WINNER.

October 2017

- R. Carson

It’s worth the drive! Come on in to Hyannis or Plymouth for dinner! Then make it a real night out with a Movie at Regal Cinemas. Congratulations !

September 2017

- Marissa F.

Still time to enjoy the patio before the Nor’easters. Come on by soon to enjoy your Prize!


- Ashley W.


July 2017

- P.Ossen

Perfect PATIO weather!! Come on in and CELEBRATE your WINNING ENTRY!!!!

JUNE 2017

- Gina H.

A Lime in the Coconut Margarita will taste mighty delicious with the Dinner and a Movie you just won!

MAY 2017

- Lisa N

OK Lisa you have to drive a few miles… but YOU won May’s giveaway. Good for YOU and a friend!

APRIL 2017

- S Fitzgerald

An evening on the town sound good? Congratulations for winning April’s drawing of Win-A-Dinner and a Movie!

MARCH 2017

- Paula M.

In like a lion, out like a lion! You’ve won a getaway night regardless of the weather… Congratulations

February 2017

- Jenn S.

Don’t let the warm weather fool you!!! There still some “hunkerin’ down to do”. Come warm up with some of our homemade Chili con Carne and then head to the movies to see an Oscar winner!

January 2017

- Charleen M

Congrats to you (and the PATRIOTS) for your “BIGWIN!


- E. Clifford

Get on your long-johns and head into Hyannis for Dinner and a movie! Congratulations!


- J.Anderson

‘Tis the season! Congratulations to our November winner!

October 2016

- Stephanie F.

What’s better than dinner and a movie on these dark November Nights? Congratulations!


- M Fass



- J.Ortiz

JULY 2016

- J. Tremblay of Boston

JUNE 2016

- L.Berry of Brockton

APRIL 2016

- Joann H.

May 2016

- T. Waters

Great way to start the Summer!!!! Congratulations!


- K. Harvey

At Sam’s You are a WINNER!

MARCH 2016

- Robert M.

Congratulations for being our latest winner of a Dinner and a Movie!

January 2016

- E. Rosa

Congrat’s to our latest Winner of a Dinner and a Movie!


- J Widdabee



- Kimberly P

Congratulations and Happy New Year to our latest Winner!

October 2015

- R. Mooney

Get’s dark early… so eat up and get to the movies!


- Tina F.



- C. Bestford

Cool off a little on the Patio and then at the movies… Congratulations

JULY 2015



JUNE 2015

- Robin B.

May 2015

- J Ryberg

APRIL 2015

- Anne Marie F.

MARCH 2015

- D. Hegner


February 2015


Persistence is rewarded!

January 2015

- Sabrina N

Bundle up warm, drive safely, and see ya soon!

December 2014

- J. Bannister

November 2014

- Barbara V.

October 2014

- J. Bradbury


- Rollene H

August 2014

- Valerie O

What a SUMMER! Come on out of your “back roads” mode and head on into Hyannis or Plymouth for a meal and a movie. Congratulations!

JULY 2014

- Katie S.

Congratulations to Katie for winning Julys Win A Dinner and A Movie drawing.

June 2014

- Edward C.


MAY 2014


April 2014

- R Dupre

MARCH 2014

- Brittany O

Weather is turning to our favor and it’s almost Patio time! Come on out of your fetal position and head to Sam’s for dinner and then a movie! You DESERVE IT!

February 2014

- Gifford, H.

Time to catch up on the Emmy Winners and warm your bones with a hearty meal at Sam’s!


- M. Callahan



- Shannon M.


- T.Shockley

Congratulations! Just in time for the Holidays!


- M. Duby


September 2013

- M. Kristy



JULY 2013

- J. Waugh


JUNE 2013

- David MacT.

MAY 2013

- Harvey C.

APRIL 2013

- Kathy B.

March 2013

- Emily C.


- Lisa W

I think we are turning the corner on this long gray spell. It’s time to come out of our winter fog and get back to the bustle of the awaking spring. We congratulate Lisa on being February’s Winner of a Dinner and a Movie. This should give her incentive to get out of the house!

January 2013

- M.Driscoll

M. said “ ….been coming since 1983 wben i was 16 after raquetteball … brought my daughter in baby carrier…shes now 18…..enough said…loyal sams customer…lots of stories”

Thanks for your patronage! Enjoy a night out on Sam!

December 2012

- Bridget S.

So… You thought Santa left town! Not so fast! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to YOU! As our latest winner of a Dinner and A Movie, we invite you come on in and enjoy a meal at Sam’s at either of our locations. The theater is just a hop, skip and a jump from the dinner table. Make it a night or enjoy the your winning pair anytime during 2013. Congratulations!

November 2012

- D. Corbett

Now that you’ve digested your Thanksgiving dinner, it’s time to get off the couch. So, head to Hyannis for Santa shopping, afterwhich you can reward yourself with a movie and a Dinner at Sam’s. We’ll pick up the tab for the show and feed ya’ til your full. Congratulations on being our November Winner!

2012 October

- K. Jones

Whew! Sandy missed us, barely! Once you get all the leaves raked and need to replenish your batteries… come on in for a tongue ticklin’, tummy warmin’ meal before heading to Regal for the latest show. Congrats!

September 2012

- M. Dupont

Lower Cape must be getting to be real sleepy this time of year… It’s time to grab your significant other and head on up to Sam Diego’s where the “Fun and Fiesta” will wake up your senses! Come have a great evening on us!


- Diana R.

Congratulations to Diana for being our August Winner of a Dinner and A Movie!

JULY 2012

- B. Blackledge

OH MY! How time flies. We’re into hot ‘n muggy August, countin’ the beach days left before back to school season. Remember all those things you said you’d do this summer? Well there isn’t much time left to squeeze them all in. SO, here ya’ go, you’ve got no excuses now, to head to Sam’s with your BFF for a great meal either before or after a movie.

JUNE 2012


Congrats to Mary J. for being the lucky winner of this Month’s drawing. This comes just in time for that “Summer” friend that seems to come out of nowhere! Well, now you have an excuse to treat them to dinner, relax on the Patio with a cool Margarita and then off to the Movies for one of this Summers’ Blockbusters! That’ll keep ya busy for a few hours and out of the HOT SUN!

2012 APRIL

- S. Feldman

Ahhh! Spring! It’s Official, the Patio is open. You’ll enjoy sitting out on a warm, sunny day having Lunch with a friend or two. Evenings are still a bit chilly, however Sam has a myriad of items on the menu to warm your tummy.

2012 MARCH

- Olivia G.

Can you believe this weather? We hope that you and a friend will stop on by before or after a movie and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!


- J. Mares

Spring is really beginning to show it’s face. The sun is warmer, the air is brisk with promise, and the days are longer. So grab your best bud and head to Sam’s for a great meal and then a “block-buster” at the Regal Cinema. We’ll foot the bill for your dinner and the movie!!!!


- Joe K.

Now that the holidays are behind us and the dead of winter looms ominously, Get the HECK out of the house and have a dinner and a movie on SAM! We’ve got some great specials running. So what are you waiting for…. it’s only costing you the gas to get here!


- S. Devere

BRRRRRRR! Let us warm you up with our delicious Red or Green Chilis. Anytime of day, Sam’s is the place to be after a matinee or late-night show at the Regal Cinema. Enjoy your special day out!

November 2011

- R. Hudson

Well, you still didn’t win Diddly Squat, but you did win a terrific Dinner and a Movie on Sam Diego’s! Enjoy the Christmas releases at Regal Cinemas and then come on over to Sam Diego’s for a hot meal or a toddy! Happy Holidays!

October 2011

- Wendy N.

Now that it’s dark at 4:30, you’ll be wanting to catch the EARLY movie with a dinner at Sam’s after. Congratulations to our October winner! Don’t forget, we’ll be open at 4PM on Thanksgiving… a great MOVIE day!


- L. Guillemette

Ahhh.. The chill in the air, the changing of the leaves, the fewer hours in the day; all make for a wonderful reminder that Sam Diego’s is ready and waiting to fulfill whatever you hunger for this Fall. Come by for an early dinner and a movie afterward. You won’t be disappointed!


- L. Slowe
Hurricane Irene was no match for SAM. She might have “knocked his lights out” temporarily, but now he’s anxious to Congratulate our newest WIN A DINNER and A MOVIE WINNER and invite them to a great night on the town! As “Shoulder Season” approaches we welcome back all our Cape Cod Families. You’ll have less traffic to deal with and short waits to get seated. Come back soon and OFTEN!

JULY 2011

- Tim K.

HOT, HOT, HOT! That’s what you’ll be when you ask your favorite other out to a Dinner and a Movie! The warm nights on the Patio are a great spot for dinner and the Block Busters this summer are worth a gander. Enjoy a fabulous night out on SAM. Congratulations!

JUNE 2011

- Hilary S.

WHOO-hoo ! Have a night out on us! Perhaps an evening dinner under the stars before or after a great “Summertime Movie” or Come on inside for an air-conditioned lunch and then to the theater. However you decide to be our guest… ENJOY!

MAY 2011

- Alyssa O.

What better way to start the summer than to be the WINNER of a Dinner and a MOVIE. Whether you decide to go to our Main Street Plymouth location or our Route 132 location in Hyannis, you’ll be able to sit on the Patio and enjoy everything we have to offer. All you have to do now is decide who to bring!

April 2011

- S. Wagner

Which ever location you choose, Hyannis or Plymouth, our PATIO AREAS are now open on those very special warm and sunny days we are beginning to see. Hope your visit is on one of those precious beautiful days! ENJOY!

**MARCH** 2 0 1 1

- G. Bennett

What better excuse to take a trip to the Cape! Better let your parents know they’re gonna have company! They’ll be thrilled when you tell them you are taking them to Sam’s for dinner. Congratulations!


- O. Goddard

It’s gettin’ warmer by the day… right? The sun is going down later and later. Now it’s time to come out of your hibernation and head to Sam’s for a great meal and then over to see the Oscar winners. Have a great night out on us!


- J. Canzales

Congratulations Jerry! Get a shovel, dig yourself out and head to Sam Diego’s for Dinner and a Movie! We are the cure for Cabin Fever!


- Peter B.

Fight the Cold Windy Winter days of Cape Cod with a night on the town with your best pal.


- M.Silvia


- Lance Fernandez

Gather up your significant other and show them a night on the town.

September 2010

- Meaghan M.

Another Lucky Winner… Summer is over and the crowds are gone, so come on by to Sam Diego’s for your favorite dish on us and then head over to the Movie Theater for a great night out.


- Toni S.

Now that the leaves are beginning to turn and the chill is in the air, Sam’s is the place to ward off the goose-bumps with some “SPICY GOOD” food.

JULY 2010

- Nora H.

Congratulations Nora… You may be from out-of-town, but we’re always here for when a road trip calls.

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